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Fan and Industry Quotes!

Henry Cutrona (Screenwriter/Musician):

It’s an understatement to say that Barry Keenan and the Invisible Poet Kings is a great band. The well-crafted rhythms and lyrics that Barry contributes is a hint and blend of Lennon & McCartney, and Dylan-ish lyrics, but it’s truly Barry’s talent and vocals that shines through.

In my opinion it’s one of the last great bands that truly epitomizes the sounds of where it all came from. If you have the opportunity, they are a must see.

Paul F. Antonelli (Music Supervisor: ABC/NBC/CBS):

This is ALL so FANTASTIC to see and hear!! I’ve had the great pleasure of following Barry Keenan for years & have placed his music on several shows that I’ve worked on. I always look forward to seeing what he comes up with next because he NEVER disappoints!!

David A. Helfant (Entertainment Attorney, Los Angeles):

These guys are one of the best bands in the Music Industry. They deliver live, and are so much fun to watch.

Linda L Bennett (Publicist. Detroit/Los Angeles):

Barry Keenan and Invisible Poet Kings are the ultimate musicians of our time! Barry is an accomplished singer/songwriter with his songs placed in popular movies and TV shows. Invisible Poet Kings are a delight to see live, every show is an event to remember. I’ve never seen audiences react with so much enthusiasm as when Barry and the group perform.

Suzan Mann (Bob Dylan):

Maestro Barry, is a world of talent! His songs are the best of the best and his band is so much fun. His song “Happy, Happy, Happy” is infectious! You can’t stop singing it! It is so nice to go see The Invisible Poet Kings and hear great music that is upbeat and just plain fun and makes you feel good. Not many bands can do what The Poet Kings do! Give you an enjoyable night of great music, great songs and so much fun. And Barry, oozes charisma, too!! A real artist in every sense of the word. I look forward to their next show and having a fun filled evening of great music and song!

Jimmy Star (Host: The Jimmy Star Show):

Invisible Poet Kings are amazing ….absolutely love them and they are super terrific live….

Eleanora Avakian Owen (Fan):

Absolutely awesome!!! I love Barry and his amazing band. Can’t wait to see them live again!! His music transports you to another dimension entirely!

Katie Woodring (Fan):

Oh my Goodness!!! Barry Keenan‘s voice is divine! I could listen to The Invisible Poet Kings all day long! I’ll be flying in to see this one!

Fara Palazzolo (Fan):

Very cool.  I am hoping I can make it in from Florida to Michigan to see them! They are an awesome band. Please let me know once booked!

Philo Farnsworth (a.k.a. Mark Adler: VAIdigital/Film Producer/Michigan Production Alliance):

These guys are fantastic. Great vibe and attitude!

Neville Johnson (Entertainment Attorney, Los Angeles):

Barry has produced many songs with me and I’ve written many with him. He is a total superstar in every sense of the word. Detroit, you are very lucky!

Denise Apkarian Panattoni (Fan):

We love Barry Keenan and Invisible Poet Kings!

Their music is innovative and catchy and I know it’s great music as I’m still humming the songs hours and days after I’ve heard them!

We love the British genre of music Barry writes, plays and sings in his unique, memorable voice. He’s a rising star! Can’t wait to see and hear the very talented Barry and the IPK band again soon! Where and When’s the next gig, please?

Tim Piper (Just Imagine, John Lennon):

I became aware of Barry years ago and found one of the true, great writers of the rock idiom whose music paints pictures and makes you feel. His band: Invisible Poet Kings.

Mike Hatfield Singer/Songwriter/Musician):

Great Band ! Great Songs ! It will Great to be able to see them again without having to go to LA!

Michael Manoogian (Logo Artist/Art Director):

Touch my heart? Hell, it pierced my soul! (Choices). As soon as I started listening I knew where Barry was going with this. I didn’t get two lines into the song when I HAD to show this to my wife, who instantly GOT it. Barry is absolutely correct – the courage it takes to keep your integrity intact. Bravo, Barry Keenan! I consider this a masterpiece…for all the right reasons.

Barry Keenan - Brief Bio

Barry Keenan has a lifetime career as a singer/songwriter. He started recording professionally at the age of 13. By the time he turned age 19, he already had his first major publishing deal in New York and has been a published writer by such notable companies as Warner/Chappell, Universal, All Nations Music, Criterion Music and Peer/Southern Music. As a recording engineer, Keenan has owned and operated two commercial recording studios in the Los Angeles area. He has worked on the recorded music of such notable recording artists as Beck, Warren Zevon, Sting, Devo, Pantera, No Doubt, The Goo Goo Dolls and The Cranberries to name only a few. As a producer, he received his first major break when Miles Copeland (The Police, IRS Records) asked him to produce Adam Ant. He is the recipient of The Arts For Humanities Award issued by The New World Festival. He was honored by SESAC in Nashville for his songs in the #1 box office hit motion picture, Kickboxer starring Jean Claude Van Damne which featured his song, “Fight For Love”. As a recording artist, he has received commercial radio play coast to coast from major FM stations KROQ and KLOS in Los Angeles to WCOZ in Boston. His band, Invisible Poet Kings was certified gold on Sirius Satellite’s Starlight Channel. After spending a year on the Songs Of the Times Music Chart hosted by Neil Young on Neil Young’s “Living With War Today” website, Keenan reached the #1 position with his anti-war song entitled, “Our Comfortable Lives” and remained at the #1 position for an astonishing 62 weeks. The song got Keenan his own chapter in the book, La Chanson en Classe d’ Anglais. Other songwriters in the book are Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, John Lennon, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Freddie Mercury & Ray Davis.  Keenan’s duo, Not A Bus received a review of “Perfect” from Stanford radio station KZSU receiving 8 stars out of a possible 4 star rating for their song, “Google Is My Brain”. Keenan is recording with his band, Invisible Poet Kings with Producer/Engineer, Matt Forger (Michael Jackson). The first song, Under The Sun” was released and reached the #2 position on Jango/Radio Airplay international radio. The song is from IPK’s  album, “Mutiny In The Dream Tent”. In 2021, Keenan made the final Grammy Ballot for his  song, “The North Country”  from his solo album, ”From My Pulpit In The Asylum”. Keenan was on the ballot for Best Vocal and Best Album in the Rock Category. Currently, he is working on a new movie, “2nd Chances” with script writer/producer Karen Kevorkian. Keenan was introduced to Kevorkian by famed record producer, Denny Diante and subsequently has 22 of Keenan’s songs in the movie. Kevorkian has teamed up with major movie producer, Arthur Sarkissian (While You Were Sleeping (Sandra Bullock); Rush Hour 1,2 & 3; The Protégé (Maggie Q, Michael Keaton, Samuel L Jackson); Memory (Liam Neeson); and The Foreigner (Pierce Brosnan, Jackie Chan).

Management: Karen Kevorkian
(248) 228-0888

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